As a worldwide air freight forwarder, our network provides you excellent service wherever rapidity matters and we respect our customer’s valuable time. We have a well experienced team of people to provide you a customised solution with competitive cost, quality and committed service. The newest mode of transportation is air. Aeroplanes are becoming increasingly important in domestic and international trade. With continually improving technologies and practically unlimited route possibilities, air transportation is the fastest growing and most time efficient shipping mode. 

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With the massive volumes of freight that we ship and the multitude of carriers we work with, we offer you competitive global rates, frequent departures and the capacity you need – to and from every major port across the continents. Shipping by water has been practised for thousands of years and remains pivotal to today’s global trade. 90% of all international trade is accomplished through maritime transportation. Cargo ships travel on almost every major body of water and have capacity to transport the highest volume of freight of any mode of transportation at the lowest cost.



We provide a wide-ranging distribution across all the by road ways. We are committed to safe handling of cargo. We believe in maintaining transparency with an advanced track system, which helps clients in maintaining the movement of goods. The vast majority of railway infrastructure connects highly populated areas with large unpopulated strips of land between them making rail ideal for long-distance and cross country hauls.  This also makes the rail the most dependable mode for making long hauls across land with minimal damage. The main advantages of road transport are that it is cost-effective, fast, and adapts to almost any type of goods.



Our multimodal program alliances Sea and Air shipping services for savings over straight airfreight shipments, all while maintaining reasonable transit times. Combining Sea and Air shipping service can also help you minimise destination warehouse charges. Often in logistics, one shipment is completed using multiple modes of transportation.

The purpose is to take advantage of the individual strengths of the different modes, thus reducing costs. This practice is known as intermodal transportation and is often necessary in logistics. In recent years, intermodal has experienced a substantial uptick.